What do we need to Manufacture your Cylinder?

There is some key information required for us to Manufacture your Hydraulic Cylinder. If you could fill in the KEY INFORMATION here and submit, we can provide you with a Quote and Availability.

What Application is this Cylinder For?

We require this information as we can assist you with the selection of your cylinder, too ensure, fit for purpose application. Examples are Agricultural, Earth Moving, Side Tipping, Marine, working environments

Can QMN Manufacturing, manufacture cylinders to meet my needs?

QMN Manufacturing has been in Business for more than 35 years. We have significant stocks of Hydraulic Tube, Chrome, IH Chrome, Stainless Steel Chrome and K1045 Billet Bars. This enable us to reduce timeframes and improve availability to our customers.

Does QMN Manufacturing, manufacture anything else other than Hydraulic cylinders?

QMN Manufacturing, started as an Engineering / Machining business. We have significant experience in Machining, and have a number of Customers that we currently perform this type of work for.

Do I need special requirements within my Hydraulic cylinder?

This will depend on the Cylinder application. Examples of certain requirements are, Induction Hardened Chrome shaft, stop tubes, mounting points, corrosion resistance, earth moving applications and pressure ratings

What is QMN Manufacturing Stock range?

QMN Manufacturing keep a complete range of Agricultural Cylinders, Industrial Cylinders, Phasing Cylinders, Popular Side Tipping Cylinders, along with all parts to suit.

Can QMN Manufacturing Stock my cylinders?

If you require minimum lead times and surety of supply, we can stock your cylinders to ensure minimal disruption to your business.